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1 Day Dirt Bike Ride Cairns

You have got to love perfect riding weather here in Cairns, North Queensland, and yesterday was just one of those awesome picture perfect days again! to take Chris out on our 1 Day Dirt Bike Ride Cairns on our great trails led by trail boss Greg and sweep, Jim.

Once all the paperwork was out of the way it was time to gear up and jump on the beast, Suzuki DRZ400E and head up the winding roads into the hills then on to the dirt, to get dirty and have some fun.

The funny of the day was Jim dangling from a tree, hooked up by his backpack with his bike below. Thinking to himself…”how did I get here”? Unfortunately no cameras were rolling at the time so you will just have to imagine the comedy of the scene.

A couple of obstacles were met on the track with the famous log bridge crossing where you have to dismount your bike to walk over the massive, slippery logs which get the adrenalin pumping and is all part of the great day out.

Great fun was had by all on the tracks and another thumbs up for a great day out.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures, clearly says what we do and has a true ring of adventure.

Our 1 day Dirt Bike Tour is ideal for those already on holiday who want to experience adventure on the tracks and trails around Cairns whether you are a seasoned off-roader rider or a complete novice, we cater to any bikers out there who want to get down and dirty! Throughout the day you will ride various types of terrains including mud, gravel, ruts, logs, hills, creek crossings and more. Our one day tours are available all year round.

If you love riding then come off-road with NQTBA.

Created by nqtba under Rides on Thursday 3rd of October 2013