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Travel Insurance for Motorcycle Off-Road Holiday

Riding off-road motorcycles on holiday can be a thrilling way to explore...until something happens! Make sure you have adequate travel insurance covering you whilst riding a motorcycle off-road.

The tricky thing about motorcycle holidays is finding a good travel insurance policy that will cover you. Many insurers say a flat out 'no way' for covering you on a motorcycle, but there are policies out there for you. Have a good look online and you will be able to find a ... read post

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When to visit Cape York

Welcome to Cape York, home of magnificent National parks, sacred Aboriginal sites, untouched beaches and one of the most awesome adventures in Australia. When to visit Cape York is during the dry season which is generally from June to October as normally the wet season extends from November to May and isolates most of the Cape from vehicle access. At North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures, we consider the best times to travel between July and October and have 8 day tours going Northbound to the most northern tip of Cape York ... read post

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