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6 Must-pack Things To Prevent Your Day Of Riding Being Ruined – What You Should Bring To The Track

6 Must-pack Things To Prevent Your Day Of Riding Being Ruined – What You Should Bring To The Track

Dirt bikes are temperamental pieces of machinery – one weekend they’ll be running flawlessly, and then the next, not so much. It’s why packing a selection of essentials each and every time you load up the bike and head out to the track or trail is a must to ensure your day isn’t ruined by something that can be easily fixed or replaced. Here are six must-have essentials to take to the track to make sure your day doesn’t end in misery. 


1) Toolbox/bumbag with tools

First things first, a toolbox or a bumbag with tools with at least the essentials is a must. We all know things can get pretty wild on a dirt bike, and when they do go south, it generally means something’s gonna’ need to be straightened out, pulled apart, or tightened up. The bare basics to bring along with you would be a range of size appropriate (to your bike) T-bars, a selection of spanners, pliers, screwdrivers, rubber mallet/hammer, socket set, plus a set of allen keys. These are the basics that will get out of trouble on most occasions.

2) Fuel

Ever leave the fuel can at home because you think a full tank will last you for a morning at the track, only to get there during prime time and burn through it all before you know it? Save yourself the embarrassment of ‘borrowing’ fuel from your mates, or worse, having to head home, and bring the fuel can with enough to keep you ripping.

3) Spare clutch/brake lever

A broken clutch or brake lever is a common way to cut your day of riding short, but it’s such a cheap and easy fix. We always store one of each in our toolbox, and with a huge range of levers available on the site, it’s an affordable way to ensure you can continue putting in motos.

4) Front/rear tubes

You just never know when a flat tire is about to strike, and it’s a sure-fire way of packing up the bike and heading home early. Save yourself the heartache and pack a front and rear tube, but only that will not be enough – make sure you’ve got a set of tire levers, wrenches (to remove the wheel), and of course, a hand pump to get you rolling again.

5) Additional spark plug

Regardless if you ride a modern four-stroke or are still ripping around on a two-stroke, packing a spare spark plug suitable for dirt bike is always ideal. In a lot of cases, a faulty spark plug can be the difference between your dirt bike firing up or not, especially on a two-stroke, so to have a spare on hand is convenient and could save the day.

6) Notable extras

A couple of notable extras that can be easily packed in your toolbox are a packet of cable ties and a roll of duct tape – these can really save the day when you need to make a quick and temporary fix. Also, a bolt kit suited for your bike is another must-pack in your toolbox.


This article is originally posted at MXStore.


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