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8 Day Cape York Motorcycle Tour

8 DAY CAPE YORK MOTORCYCLE TOUR—-If the idea of motorcycling in remote areas, camping, observing unique wild life during the course of the tour, hiking, fishing, sightseeing, Australian history, swimming, meeting new friends and having a great time and riding the most incredible trails interests you, then you should look no further than North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures team to be a part of your lifetime thrilling adventure.

$5450 all inclusive

2014 Tour Dates North
12 May – 19 May
02 Jun – 09 Jun (6 Spots)
21 Jul – 28 Jul
11 Aug – 18 Aug
01 Sep – 08 Sep
06 Oct – 13 Oct

2014 Tour Dates South
20 May – 27 May
10 Jun – 17 Jun
29 Jul – 05 Aug (Full)
19 Aug – 26 Aug
09 Sep – 16 Sep
14 Oct – 21 Oct

You will scale mountains like they are molehills, slice through streams and power through bushland. The backdrop is gorgeous, the pace is moderate and the exhilaration is unforgettable.

Our 8 day Cape York Motorcycle Adventure tours are over 1400 kilometres, riding for 7 days total and is available either departing Cairns, riding to the top and flying back, or flying to the top and riding back to Cairns and takes, you from the reef to the rainforest, the outback and the very northern reaches of our great Australian country. You can expect amazing forever changing scenery and landscapes, fabulous swimming holes, remote beaches and some of the best trails you have ever been on experiencing, thrills, excitement and challenges. This tour is available from May through to November.


With our Cape York Motorcycle Adventure tours, riding in small numbers, 8 maximum, allows us to access more private property, pastoral leases and traditionally owned lands with minimum impact and helps us travel longer distances daily, minimise long road sections of the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR) offering you exclusive private scenic routes across breathtaking landscapes and all types of terrains, where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and wonder of this remote world famous area enjoying the experience of off-road trail biking on a network of trails to impress.


Cape York wilderness is a world class flora and fauna area for off-road adventures for motorcycles, 4WD vehicles, travellers and nature lovers in general. It has its own unique plants and animals that exist in this region only. It is steeped in history with the first maritime Dutch explorers landing in the 1600’s, the Aboriginal past and present occupation, its white explorers (Edmund Kennedy), gold mining and the settlers that opened up this remote tip of Australia. It is still remote in places, yet touristy enough for those who are willing to navigate the many heavily corrugated dirt roads, creeks, rivers, hills, valleys and remote sites. This region has it all – from the savannah grasslands and mountainous Great Divide, to the many remote beaches, crystal clear streams and rivers which make for great fishing.

All riders must have a current motorcycle licence or learners licence to take part on our tours. Call us to organise a tour that suits your needs.

All hire bikes are Suzuki DRZ400E current models with electric start. All bikes are modified with bush bash plates, Renthal handlebars, side cover plates, bark busters and the ride suspension is set up for the trail conditions we ride. Our bikes are also fitted with Acerbis long range fuel tanks, so no need to carry fuel in your backpack, a number one cardinal sin for bike riders.

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