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A round tuit

When the travel itch sets in….

Are you feeling that its time to finally do that adventure that you have always been making excuses about for the past how many years?

So often we let days, weeks, months and even years pass us by. We get pulled in all directions, meeting deadlines and perpetually rotating between “what has to get done”, “things to do”, “I am too busy” and “I will get around to it one day”.

Here at North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures we will help you dissolve your longing to do a dirt bike tour in Cairns, Cape York or Darwin, whichever you prefer and help to relieve your stress and put you on 2 wheels, where we know you belong, so you can experience something new and enjoy recharging in the great outdoors safe in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of.

Adventure is excitement, seeing things from a new angle and trying new things that get your heart rate going.

Pick a date, call some mates, ask the missus or bring her along, block it off and refuse to schedule anything around this time, call us and let NQTBA put a stop to that long time itch of “getting a round tuit” to plan your wonderful trail bike adventure well needed holiday.

Created by nqtba under News / Events on Thursday 17th of October 2013