North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures is a Trail Bike Adventure Tour Company. We are passionate about the Australian Outback, the people, the places and the culture. We are experienced travellers, campers, 4 wheel drivers and Trail Bikes enthusiasts.

We run awesome enduro action fun tours and have found the perfect balance between challenging rides and having fun, while experiencing the best trails in North Queensland, Cairns, Cape York and Darwin.

We cover many different terrains while seeing stunning landscapes. Whether you like flat open off-road, or tight and technical single track trails, winding leafy trails through the rainforest, hill climbs that challenge you, hill descents, sandy trails, boggy mud, rocky tracks, plenty of water crossings – North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures will deliver you awesome satisfaction and the best off-road experience of a lifetime guaranteed.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures says what we do and has a true ring of adventure in Australia on 2 wheels. The best part? You get to fully enjoy the experience, confident that all the hard work in planning your trail bike adventure of where you will go, what you will see, where to refuel, where to stay etc., has all been taken care of by team at NQ Trail Bike Adventures (NQTBA). Everything about our set up is first class, world class and highly professional. We will make your holiday an unforgettable, once in a lifetime, adventure trip.

You are finally rewarding yourself with that well earned holiday. That trip of a lifetime. At last you’re getting away from it all and escaping from the crowds and your hectic life style. NQTBA knows exactly how valuable your precious leisure time is and how important it is to spend it enjoying yourself.

Talk about being straight out the gate and onto the dirt, with minimal travel on the black top! After all, trail bike riding is all about the “dirt”, so you can be assured you will be experiencing the best off road trail bike adventure in the Cairns region.

As soon as you arrive at our depot, you immediately feel that sense of adventure really kicking in. The excitement builds as you gear up and jump on your bike, to head out the gate for what will be one of your most memorable rides, whether it’s for one day or many days.

Pros of choosing guided motorcycle tours with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures include, but are not limited to:

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people and the knowledge of professional and friendly guides.
  • On our extended adventures, the convenience of having your luggage carried in the support vehicle and the possibility of having non-riding passengers travel along in the truck, to take part of the adventures with you.
  • Peace of mind that you will get the most from your tour, and that any issues that may arise, will be resolved quickly and efficiently by our guides.
  • All your camping is booked in advance on tours.
  • Having a good, trustworthy and reliable company covering your back at all times, keeping you safe and untroubled, so you can focus on the trails and on the ultimate trail bike adventure.
  • In choosing a professional guided trail bike tour, do your research and check out tripadvisor activities in Cairns for current reviews. We are certain we will shine above all others.
  • Our ethos is based around small group touring of 14 customers, so you can truly experience an authentic experience.

Whether you come alone, do one of our tours with a friend or partner, one thing for sure is that a great time will be experienced.

About Greg

1006152_393787204066879_1295814758_n_800x600Greg became a qualified tradesman in panel-beating at the age of 19, working in the industry for 19 years. This gave him the welding and sheetmetal skills to build the back of the North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures Mitsubishi Canter 4×4 support vehicle, with great help from his Father-in-Law, Kent and brother-in-Law Shane, the project was completed in a matter of weeks, he now knows the truck from the ground up. After serving his dues as a panel beater, and wanting to get into the great outdoors, he was drawn to the ocean and started a successful fishing business called Torres Seafoods. The business operated for 10 years and Torres Seafoods was the largest harvester of coral trout from the Torres Straits, when the government bought out the entire fishery in 2008. Greg is still a very keen fisherman and loves to target the awesome Barramundi. Greg gained several levels of marine engineering qualifications through owning his own trout vessels, along with his Skippers and Navigation tickets. Greg has always liked adventure and excitement and in his early 30’s he gained his unrestricted private pilots license and owned and flew his own Piper Cherokee for 7 years flying all around the Gulf and Mornington Island on many a fishing adventure. Greg has been riding bikes since the age of 11 and in his late teens, raced Enduro with the Manly Warringah Motorcycle Club on his favourite Suzuki PE 175. Greg continues to ride actively today, with all his mates, and is an active committee member and rider of the Cairns Dual Motor Sports Riders Association.

Greg recognized the potential for a full service, world class Trail Bike Tour Company, in the fast growing industry of motorcycle enthusiasts seeking adventure and individual events to mark off their “bucket list”. This was how North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures was born, to offer the experience of a lifetime. Greg’s passionate about delivering the best possible Trail Bike Adventure tour and understands what makes an unforgettable adventure holiday, great trails, exciting itineraries, fascinating destinations, breathtaking scenery and a warm tropical welcome to all customers, all backed up with many years of experience in delivering outstanding customer service.

Let North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures take you on the adventure of a lifetime in style, through the true wilderness, with trails that are challenging and exciting, many river crossings, splendid scenery and abundant wildlife around Cairns, the Tablelands and Cape York areas, depending on what tour suits your requirements.
Once Discovered Never Forgotten
Stop dreaming and come riding and fishing with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures, safe in the knowledge that your holiday will be memorable from start to finish and a remarkable experience.

We Offer You:

  • Selected off-road motorcycling on trails around Cairns, Cairns Tablelands and Cape York.
  • The latest model Suzuki DRZ400 4 stroke motorbike.
  • Fully experienced and knowledgeable guides all trained in first aid and quick response.
  • Custom designed all purpose Hino Truck for all your gear and camping needs. Our Rates – What Is Included:
  • Fully guided trail riding, including sweep rider.
  • Latest model 400cc motorcycles.
  • All fuel.
  • All meals on tour.
  • Fully equipped first-aid and quick response.

  • On-safari accommodation.
  • Trail side snacks.
  • Airfare on Cape York tour only, between Bamaga/Horn Island/Cairns.
  • Custom designed and built Hino support vehicle. The best in the North.
  • The most trails on exclusive private property in North Queensland.

Cape York Tour Dates

2024 $5,990

12 May - 17 May - SOLD OUT
27 May - 1 Jun - 5 spots
9 Jun - 14 Jun - SOLD OUT
17 Jun - 22 Jun - SOLD OUT
24 Jun - 29 Jun - 1 spots
1 Jul - 6 Jul - SOLD OUT
8 Jul - 13 Jul - SOLD OUT
15 Jul - 20 Jul - 4 spots
22 Jul - 27 Jul - 2 spots
29 Jul - 3 Aug - 1 spots
5 Aug - 10 Aug - 1 spots
12 Aug - 17 Aug - SOLD OUT
19 Aug - 24 Aug - SOLD OUT
26 Aug - 31 Aug - SOLD OUT
1 Sep - 7 Sep - 1 spots
8 Sep - 13 Sep - 4 spots
16 Sep - 21 Sep - SOLD OUT
23 Sep - 28 Sep - 5 spots
29 Sep - 4 Oct - 5 spots
14 Oct - 19 Oct - 9 spots

2025 $6,190

11 May - 16 May - 3 spots
25 May - 30 May - 6 spots
8 Jun - 13 Jun - 11 spots
22 Jun - 27 Jun - SOLD OUT
6 Jul - 11 Jul - 14 spots
20 Jul - 25 Jul - 3 spots
3 Aug - 8 Aug - SOLD OUT
17 Aug - 22 Aug - 2 spots
31 Aug - 5 Sep - 7 spots
14 Sep - 19 Sep - SOLD OUT
28 Sep - 3 Oct - SOLD OUT
12 Oct - 17 Oct - 15 spots

2026 $6490

10 May - 15 May - 15 spots
24 May - 29 May - 15 spots
7 Jun - 12 Jun - 15 spots
21 Jun - 26 Jun - 15 spots
5 Jul - 10 Jul - 15 spots
19 Jul - 24 Jul - 15 spots
2 Aug - 7 Aug - 15 spots
16 Aug - 21 Aug - 15 spots
30 Aug - 4 Sep - 15 spots
13 Sep - 18 Sep - 15 spots
27 Sep - 2 Oct - 15 spots
11 Oct - 16 Oct - 15 spots