Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a motorcycle licence?

Yes. A learners motorcycle licence is also sufficient. We cater to all rider capabilities and abilities.

How experienced do I have to be?

As long as you have off-road riding experience you will be fine on our tours.

Does the support truck go on every tour?

We only use our support truck on our Cape York and Darwin tours. On our 2 day and 3 day tours you will be required to bring along a small backpack to hold your own hydration pack (min 2 litres) and your clothes to carry on your back with you when riding.

What is included in the Cape York tour price?

Motorcycle hire, camping gear (king swag with mattress and stretcher), accommodation/camping fees, national park fees and permits, ferry fees, trail side snacks, meals on tour, fuel, oil. All motorcycle maintenance of our hire bikes is done for you on a daily basis on tour, professional and knowledgeable guides with sweep rider and awesome back up support vehicle to carry all your luggage, with all spares, fuel and water.

What if I damage the bike or equipment?

The renter is responsible for all and any loss and damage to the rented motorcycle, accessories and supplied equipment, whilst in your care, even if caused by someone else, or the cause is unknown. We expect minor damages such as scratches as part of a days riding, however, if you severely damage or break a major part, we will need to charge you the cost of replacing that part. (We only charge you what it costs us to replace). In the event of mechanical breakdown not caused by rider negligence, North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures will make every effort to provide repair or a replacement motorcycle to get you moving again to continue your tour.

Do you have to service my own hire bike whilst on tour?

Never. At North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures all motorcycle maintenance of our hire bikes is done for you on a daily basis as you sit back and relax with a coldie in hand! If you are bringing your own motorcycle, then you will take care of your own maintenance whilst on tour.

What if I get hurt?

Safety is a priority. We all know that even if all precautions are taken, riders still can get injured. For minor injuries, we have a quick response first aid kit on hand at all times and satellite phones to call the ambulance if necessary. We strongly recommend that you carry medical insurance along with travel/accident policies.

Do I need to pay for fuel?

No. At North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures our tours are designed to be all inclusive so that all you need is to be ready to ride and enjoy the experience of the adventure.

What protective gear do I wear?

Safety is a priority for Trail Bike riders, so we require motocross safety riding gear: helmet, boots, pants, jersey, chest protectors/body armour, gloves, knee guards, elbow guards, googles and a 2 to 3 litre CamelBak. We highly encourage you to bring your own helmet and boots on the 5 Day, Cape York and Darwin tours as assured fit is very important for your comfort as you ride for multiple days.

What if I need to cancel my tour?

Cancelling after booking confirmation, but prior to your final payment, your 10% deposit is non-refundable. If cancelling after final payment has been received:

  • More than 21 days prior to departure date – 75% is refunded.
  • Between 21 and 14 days prior to departure date – 50% is refunded.
  • Between 14 and 7 days prior to departure date – 25% is refunded.
  • Less than 7 days prior to departure date – No refund.

If a participant fails to join a tour or leaves prior to completion, no refunds can be made. No refunds will be made in respect of any part of the tour that are not used or undertaken.



Can I bring my own bike?

Of course you can. This makes it cheaper on the overall tour cost price, however, you are responsible for own maintenance… [more information]

Why tour with us?

We are passionate about the Australian Outback, the people, the places and the culture and we are experienced travellers, campers, 4 wheel drivers and trail bike enthusiasts. We are a family operation and lead our own tours with our friendly, knowledgeable and professional fully qualified off road riders, who have an intimate understanding of the local riding areas and its people, so you can feel safe in the fact that our team at North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures also have the skills and are very knowledgeable of mechanic repairs and first aid requirements of trail bike riding. Please check out our Tripadvisor for past customers reviews

What is the camping like?

We set up an awesome campsite with our legendary campfire and set you up in your own 2 man tent with a king single air mattress and sleeping bag. Everybody so far has been very happy with this arrangement. No need to share. We always camp at sites that have amenities.

What are the groups like?

We will remain as a boutique premier trail bike company catering to 12 customers max in our group keeping it more personalised as we take you onto fabulous trails instead of having to transport on the developmental roads which are boring and also dangerous. Our staff are certified in senior first aid and are highly skilled in motorcycle repairs, carry a GPS Spotting device along with a satellite phone.

Cape York Tour Dates

2024 $5,990

12 May - 17 May - SOLD OUT
27 May - 1 Jun - 5 spots
9 Jun - 14 Jun - SOLD OUT
17 Jun - 22 Jun - SOLD OUT
24 Jun - 29 Jun - 1 spots
1 Jul - 6 Jul - SOLD OUT
8 Jul - 13 Jul - SOLD OUT
15 Jul - 20 Jul - 4 spots
22 Jul - 27 Jul - 2 spots
29 Jul - 3 Aug - 1 spots
5 Aug - 10 Aug - 1 spots
12 Aug - 17 Aug - SOLD OUT
19 Aug - 24 Aug - SOLD OUT
26 Aug - 31 Aug - SOLD OUT
1 Sep - 7 Sep - 1 spots
8 Sep - 13 Sep - 4 spots
16 Sep - 21 Sep - SOLD OUT
23 Sep - 28 Sep - 5 spots
29 Sep - 4 Oct - 5 spots
14 Oct - 19 Oct - 9 spots

2025 $6,190

11 May - 16 May - 3 spots
25 May - 30 May - 6 spots
8 Jun - 13 Jun - 11 spots
22 Jun - 27 Jun - SOLD OUT
6 Jul - 11 Jul - 14 spots
20 Jul - 25 Jul - 3 spots
3 Aug - 8 Aug - SOLD OUT
17 Aug - 22 Aug - 2 spots
31 Aug - 5 Sep - 7 spots
14 Sep - 19 Sep - SOLD OUT
28 Sep - 3 Oct - SOLD OUT
12 Oct - 17 Oct - 15 spots

2026 $6490

10 May - 15 May - 15 spots
24 May - 29 May - 15 spots
7 Jun - 12 Jun - 15 spots
21 Jun - 26 Jun - 15 spots
5 Jul - 10 Jul - 15 spots
19 Jul - 24 Jul - 15 spots
2 Aug - 7 Aug - 15 spots
16 Aug - 21 Aug - 15 spots
30 Aug - 4 Sep - 15 spots
13 Sep - 18 Sep - 15 spots
27 Sep - 2 Oct - 15 spots
11 Oct - 16 Oct - 15 spots