Friends of the Environment – Company Pledge


North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures is not a large company. Rather, we are a small group of very committed individuals who love our country, Australia. As we grow our business we are aware of the impact we make on the environment in which we live and work. To ensure that the company does not become guilty of changing the things we hold dear, North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures will embark on an environmental initiative to ensure that we play our role as a responsible world citizen.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures operates in some of the world’s most beautiful places sharing with visitors from the homeland, New Zealand and Overseas. Much of the attraction of these visitors is to experience the unspoiled and uncrowded landscapes. It is our challenge to ensure that the sharing of the experience, we will minimize the impact of our business through the introduction of a company Environmental Plan, with valuable input from the staff of the company, we will seek to understand and explain the historical and cultural issues that have formed the status quo we deal with today. By adding value to our interaction with host communities we seek to provide real benefits to them and improve the relationships between them and the visitor industry.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures endeavours to minimize impact by:

  • Minimising & Recycling Waste – We are seeking to reduce waste generated by our company by implementing a recycling program.
  • Energy Efficiency – We will monitor and measure vehicle fuel consumption, undertake driver education and review vehicle maintenance programs to ensure maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Keep bikes and riding gear clean between rides.
  • Bring our dirty oil back to our premises for proper disposal and not dump it in the bush while out touring.
  • Ride on existing and/or designated tracks and trails – particularly riding in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Respect for other trail users, both people and wildlife.

Since dirt bikes can access areas and trails that may be inaccessible to 4wd vehicles, and cover way more ground in a day than hikers, North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures endeavours to get involved and contribute observations on the state of the natural environment where we operate our tours.

We will achieve this by:

  • Reporting any pollution and illegal dumping.
  • Damaged infrastructure – could include washed out or dangerous bridges, recent fire damage, vandalism to public property and or private machinery.
  • Serious erosion and or landslip – Erosion will only continue to get worse over time.

The bush will be around in one form or another long after we are gone. We have a responsibility to keep it healthy for those who come after us.

Cape York Tour Dates

2020 - $4990

24 May - 29 May - SOLD OUT

7 Jun - 12 Jun - SOLD OUT

21 Jun - 26 Jun - SOLD OUT

5 Jul - 10 Jul - SOLD OUT

19 Jul - 24 Jul - SOLD OUT

2 Aug - 7 Aug - 1 spots

16 Aug - 21 Aug - SOLD OUT

30 Aug - 4 Sep - 1 spots

13 Sep - 18 Sep - SOLD OUT

27 Sep - 2 Oct - SOLD OUT

11 Oct - 16 Oct - SOLD OUT

2021 - $4990

30 May - 4 Jun - 14 spots

13 Jun - 18 Jun - 15 spots

27 Jun - 2 Jul - SOLD OUT

11 Jul - 16 Jul - 15 spots

25 Jul - 30 Jul - 15 spots

8 Aug - 13 Aug - 15 spots

22 Aug - 27 Aug - 15 spots

5 Sep - 10 Sep - 15 spots

19 Sep - 24 Sep - 15 spots