Our Fleet

Suzuki DRZ400E Motorcycles

We only use the latest model Suzuki DRZ400E motorcycles, purchased locally from Wayne Lenard Motorcycles, Cairns, North Queensland for all our Trail Bike Adventure Tours around Cairns, Cairns Tablelands and Cape York. They are gutsy and reliable double overhead cam, 400cc engines. They have proven themselves over the test of time. They are quick and responsive and forgiving when the situation requires. We modify all our bikes from new with bash plates, Renthal handlebars, side cover plates, bark busters hand protectors and the ride suspension is set up for the trail conditions we ride. Some of our bikes are set up to suit all with some of them specifically fitted with lowering links and lowered seats, allowing novice/female/shorter riders to gain confidence quickly. All our bikes are fitted with Acerbis long-range fuel tanks, so no need to carry fuel in your backpack, a number one cardinal sin for bike riders.

Cape York Trail Bike Support Truck | Hino FD1124

Our Fleet at North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures includes our support truck, a Hino FD1124, is the pride of our fleet and has been specially custom designed, built and outfitted by Greg, his Father-in-Law, Kent and Brother-in-Law, Shane to fully support our 7 day Cairns to Cape York and Darwin to Cairns tours with a lot of thought and creation put into the design for safety, comfort, functionality and user friendly. Included in the design are dedicated areas for refrigeration, spare parts, food storage, a fully equipped locker and all the necessary storage for the camping gear to include tents, beds, chairs, tables etc., cooking equipment and utensils, room for travellers luggage, large awning fitted on the side to be used as a covered area when support vehicle is parked at the campsites, a specially designed rack has been built to easily attach to the bull bar in front in order to collect fire wood for the wonderful camp fires that will be a part of each camping area which with will be burning all night.

The truck can carry 290 litres Diesel, 300 litres water and 500 litres of unleaded fuel for the motorbikes. The truck has a great electric winch in front and tow bar for our bike trailer. Suspension is modified heavy duty to handle all off road conditions.

Owner/Driver, Greg, is also fully experienced in motor mechanics specialising in maintenance and repairs of trail bikes and motor vehicles. Greg has been riding trail bikes from a young lad and has competed in many competitive Enduro racing in his early teens and continues to ride and has never lost his enthusiasm and passion for the sport. Greg is also a committee member of the local Dual Sports Motorcycle Riders Association (DMSRA), which is a National Australia body dedicated to further support and encourage the motorcycle industry and riders, promoting fun times, great friends and safety in an exhilarating sport.

Our Cape York 4×4 Motorbike Trailer

Our motorbike trailer can carry 16 bikes and is fitted with off road heavy duty electric brakes and tyres. Built in the back yard by trail boss Greg in a couple of weeks and we know that it is strong enough to handle the tough off road conditions that Cape York and Darwin to Cairns can produce wrecking many a trailer on the corrugations every year.

Owner Profile Greg McBeth | Panel Beater, Fisherman and Trailbike Enthusiast

Greg became a qualified tradesman in panel-beating at the age of 19 working in the industry for 19 years which gave him the welding and sheet metal skills to build the back of the Hino FD1124 support vehicle, with great help from his Father-in-Law, Kent and brother-in-Law Shane the project was completed in a matter of weeks, he now knows the truck from the ground up. After serving his dues as a panel beater and wanting to get into the great outdoors he was drawn to the ocean and started a successful fishing business called Torres Seafoods. The business operated for 10 years and Torres Seafoods was the largest harvester of coral trout from the Torres Straits when the government bought out the entire fishery in 2008. Greg is still a very keen fisherman and loves to target the awesome Barramundi.

Cape York Tour Dates


1 May - 6 May - 2 spots

15 May - 20 May - SOLD OUT

29 May - 3 Jun - SOLD OUT

12 Jun - 17 Jun - SOLD OUT

26 Jun - 1 Jul - SOLD OUT

10 Jul - 15 Jul - SOLD OUT

24 Jul - 29 Jul - SOLD OUT

7 Aug - 12 Aug - SOLD OUT

21 Aug - 26 Aug - SOLD OUT

4 Sep - 9 Sep - SOLD OUT

18 Sep - 23 Sep - SOLD OUT

2 Oct - 7 Oct - SOLD OUT

16 Oct - 21 Oct - 2 - Womens Tour spots

24 Oct - 29 Oct - 7 - South Bound spots


14 May - 19 May - 1 spots

28 May - 2 Jun - SOLD OUT

11 Jun - 16 Jun - SOLD OUT

25 Jun - 30 Jun - SOLD OUT

9 Jul - 14 Jul - SOLD OUT

23 Jul - 28 Jul - 2 spots

6 Aug - 11 Aug - SOLD OUT

20 Aug - 25 Aug - SOLD OUT

3 Sep - 8 Sep - SOLD OUT

17 Sep - 22 Sep - SOLD OUT

1 Oct - 6 Oct - 3 spots

15 Oct - 20 Oct - SOLD OUT


12 May - 17 May - 15 spots

26 May - 31 May - 15 spots

9 Jun - 14 Jun - 7 spots

23 Jun - 28 Jun - SOLD OUT

7 Jul - 12 Jul - SOLD OUT

21 Jul - 26 Jul - 15 spots

4 Aug - 9 Aug - 14 spots

18 Aug - 23 Jul - 15 spots

1 Sep - 6 Sep - 15 spots

15 Sep - 20 Sep - 15 spots

29 Sep - 4 Oct - 15 spots

13 Oct - 18 Oct - 15 spots