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Camping just isn’t camping without a campfire.

From collecting the firewood and tossing it on a pile of dirt and setting it ablaze is pure joy.

As the dry withered wood slowly releases years and years of energy soaked up from the sun, the air and the ground around it, comes an amazing display of red, orange and yellow flickering flames.

The smell, the warmth, the dancing flames, the crackle, the glowing coals, the friends and the fabulous camp stories. Campfires provide a connection with nature, a time of reflection and a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Pretty much,on our Cape York Tours we have awesome campfires every night for you to sit around and recap your awesome trail tales and share with everyone. Sometimes there are even roasted marshmallows, when Monique remembers to get them, or Greg and Monique haven’t eaten them on the way to the campsite (smile)


Created by nqtba under News / Events on Sunday 8th of June 2014