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Cape York Motorcycle Adventure

A world class area rich in unique flora and fauna endemic to the region, Cape York wilderness is perfect for off road adventures for 4WD vehicles, motorcycles, travellers and all nature lovers. From the steep Great Divide and Savannah grasslands to the crystal clear rivers and streams and beautiful secluded beaches, Cape York has it all and the best way of enjoying Cape York is taking part in a Cape York Motorcycle Adventure with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures.

If camping, sightseeing, fishing, hiking, swimming, motorcycling in isolated areas and riding the most interesting trails sound fun to you, then this tour should be part of your must-to-do list.

Experience the most thrilling Cape York Motorcycle Adventure of your life!

See the rainforest and the most northern parts of the beautiful Australian state! Expect to see extraordinary swimming holes, secluded beaches, breathtaking landscapes and some of the most exciting trails that only the Australian state can offer. Cape York Motorcycle Adventure tours start from Cairns and are over 1400 kilometres of pure trail bike riding fun.

Available from June through to October, travellers who want to take part in the tours can expect to ride the latest Suzuki DRZ400E models. All bikes are customised with Renthal handlebars, bark busters, bush bash plates and sid cover plates. The ride suspension is also conditioned to meet different trail conditions. All bikes are equipped with Acerbis long range fuel tanks, so travellers don’t need to carry fuel in their backpacks.

A maximum of 8 riders can join the tour, allowing them to access more pastoral leases, traditionally owned lands and private properties. This also lets them travel longer distances and minimise long road segments of the PDR (Peninsula Developmental Road) giving them access to exclusive picturesque routes across al forms of terrains and spectacular scenery.

The tour does not stop there! Riders can also experience trail riding the Old Telegraph Track, one of the most popular tracks that every trail riding aficionado wishes to ride. As Cape York Motorcycle Adventure tours keep the number of groups small, motorcyclists will surely be able to maximise their time and experience and stay away from main developmental roads.

Travelling on the Old Telegraph Track offers and adventurous course filled with many river and creek crossings, beautiful scenery and challenges.

The Heathlands Reserve is where you can see the exquisite Fruit Bat Falls that offers a revitalising swim stop. Elliot Creek boasts three falls, including Twin Falls, Elliot Falls and Fruit Bat Falls. The deepest and last crossing is the Bridge Creek or Nolans Brook before the Jardine River, which is Cape Yorks largest river.

Experience nature at its finest with Cape York Motorcycle Adventure tours! Explore the great outdoors, camp in the wilderness and try the most challenging tracks and trails now!

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