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Cape York Trail Riding the Old Telegraph Track

Cape York Trail Riding the Old Telegraph Track is by far one of the most iconic destinations that every trail riding enthusiast wants to ride. It certainly is on the bucket list of most motorcyclists and the temptation to ride some of the toughest tracks up North and trail bike riding the Old Telegraph Track is a definite must do and what a great adventure to choose with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures as we we keep our groups small to maximise your time and experience and minimise the impact on the local environment and keep you off the main developmental roads.

The Cape York Old Telegraph Track is an adventurous route full of challenges and beautiful scenery and many river crossings some easy, some hard.

The Old Overland Telegraph Line (OTL) starts after Bramwell Junction and continues up to the Jardine River National Park.

Travelling the OTL, the first creek crossing on your way up is Palm Creek with its steep entry. Then its on to Ducie Creek which is deceptively deep and murky and the bottom of the creek is firm and sandy. Moving along we come to South Alice and North Alice Creeks, and then the Dulhunty River which is one of Cape Yorks major waterways.

Next is Bertie Creek with a rocky creek bed and lots of deep pot holes and after this there is the option of the Gunshot bypass or continue on the OTL to Cholmondely Creek. The infamous Gunshot Creek is the next crossing of which it is very challenging then continuing on to Cockatoo Creek again challenging. Sailor Creek is the last creek before rejoining the Bamaga Road for only a short distance where there is a track to Heathlands Reserve which boasts the lovely fruit bat falls which offers a refreshing swim stop. Fruit Bat Falls, Elliot Falls and Twin Falls are all located along the Elliot Creek.

Continuing on the OTL from Elliot Falls through the rough Canal Creek, Sam Creek, Mistake Creek, the well named Cannibal Creek, Cypress Creek with the “log bridge”.

Nolans Brook, or Bridge Creek as it is sometimes called, is the last crossing and the deepest before the Jardine River, the biggest river on the Cape.

Stop dreaming and come riding with us today for “Once Discovered…Never Forgotten”

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