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Whether you are a seasonal dual sport dirt bike rider that hasn’t been out for a while or a road only rider that’s been waiting to get out on the dirt, don’t let anything get in your way! Get out there with NQTBA for an amazing Dirt Bike Cape York Adventure.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures is renowned for offering the best Dirt Bike Cape York adventure tours for experiencing the remoteness and contrasts of Far North Queensland.

At NQTBA our highest mission is genuine care. We pledge to provide the finest personal service and adventure for our customers who will always enjoy a warm relaxed family ambience and our promise to you is to deliver an unrivalled and exceptional adventure because you only live once, no other company can give you the same quality of experience. We are the only husband and wife team with our close knit riding team that are with you on our Cape York tours, being present on every step of your adventurous journey, guaranteeing that you are treated like family for your entire holiday.

Our goal is to provide a trail bike adventure that will be remembered forever. “It’s not the destination, but the journey that is important”.

Endless Dirt Bike Cape York Trails

Dirt bike riding off the beaten track and the experience that comes with being out there on the trails is essential for some of us. Riding affects the soul, igniting passion and excitement and strikes a deep chord within all motorcycle enthusiasts.

You only have to read through our reviews on our tripadvisor page to be secure in the knowledge that we fulfil even the un-expressed wishes of all our customers.

  • “Experience of a lifetime” George, Victoria
  • “Exhilarating and personalised” Mr. T, California
  • “Bucket list tour” James, Arizona
  • “A genuine money can’t buy experience, but obviously it can” Seb, New South Wales
  • “Totally amazing experience” Martin, England
  • “The most fun I have had in as long as I can remember” Matt, Western Australia

Dirt bike riding with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures takes you off the pavement literally from our back door into the wilderness through some of the most diverse and challenging ever changing trails where your senses come alive and all stresses and concerns disappear as you become energised and revitalised with everything around you, body and bike in complete sync, riding to perfect momentum. “This is what is all about”

Dirt bike Cape York with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures is an exciting attraction for bike enthusiasts. Cape York is one of the worlds premier off road remote destinations.

Trail bike tours are changing, more blacktop coming in…Private access to the seemingly endless collection of dirt bike trails are one of the reasons why North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures is such a favourite for motorcycle safaris.

Our professional guides and truck driver do daily maintenance on every bike every day to ensure the best performance for your ride. Our 4 wheel drive support vehicle is second to none, we know we built the back from the chassis up. Pretty darn good for a panel beater fisherman, eh! The trails we ride set us apart from all other motorcycle companies. Greg has been exploring Cape York for nearly 30 years, first trip there in the 80’s. We have seen how it has changed so much.

Only North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures has permission to ride some of the dirt bike trails we do to keep you off the PDR, a boring dusty busy main road, that other companies will sit on all day.

Dirt bike riding is rarely unsatisfying

Come & experience the ultimate, all inclusive off road safari, riding amazing trails through lush tropical rainforest with many creek crossings and all types of terrains, amazing vistas through stunning mountain ranges, packed with lots of adventure and guaranteed fun.

Let us create a unique Dirt Bike Cape York adventure holiday for you. Call or email us today.

Cape York Tour Dates


1 May - 6 May - 2 spots

15 May - 20 May - SOLD OUT

29 May - 3 Jun - SOLD OUT

12 Jun - 17 Jun - SOLD OUT

26 Jun - 1 Jul - SOLD OUT

10 Jul - 15 Jul - SOLD OUT

24 Jul - 29 Jul - SOLD OUT

7 Aug - 12 Aug - SOLD OUT

21 Aug - 26 Aug - SOLD OUT

4 Sep - 9 Sep - SOLD OUT

18 Sep - 23 Sep - SOLD OUT

2 Oct - 7 Oct - SOLD OUT

16 Oct - 21 Oct - 2 - Womens Tour spots

24 Oct - 29 Oct - 7 - South Bound spots


14 May - 19 May - 1 spots

28 May - 2 Jun - SOLD OUT

11 Jun - 16 Jun - SOLD OUT

25 Jun - 30 Jun - SOLD OUT

9 Jul - 14 Jul - SOLD OUT

23 Jul - 28 Jul - 2 spots

6 Aug - 11 Aug - SOLD OUT

20 Aug - 25 Aug - SOLD OUT

3 Sep - 8 Sep - SOLD OUT

17 Sep - 22 Sep - SOLD OUT

1 Oct - 6 Oct - 3 spots

15 Oct - 20 Oct - SOLD OUT


12 May - 17 May - 15 spots

26 May - 31 May - 15 spots

9 Jun - 14 Jun - 7 spots

23 Jun - 28 Jun - SOLD OUT

7 Jul - 12 Jul - SOLD OUT

21 Jul - 26 Jul - 15 spots

4 Aug - 9 Aug - 14 spots

18 Aug - 23 Jul - 15 spots

1 Sep - 6 Sep - 15 spots

15 Sep - 20 Sep - 15 spots

29 Sep - 4 Oct - 15 spots

13 Oct - 18 Oct - 15 spots