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Dirt Bike Riding to Cape York

Dirt Bike Riding to Cape York

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures are renowned for offering the best off road dirt motorcycle adventure tours for experiencing the remoteness of Cape York. Riding from Cairns to Cape York is an exciting attraction for dirt bike enthusiasts. Cape York is one of the world’s premier off road remote destinations. Here are some points to consider when choosing a tour operator.

1. Reasearch the company that you are going to hand your hard earned money too. Trip adviser is a great independent tool to check out other people’s reviews of their experience.

Check the companies ranking they should be ranked very high if they are successful in their business. North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures is ranked 6th of 146 in Cairns.

2. Look into their Facebook and Utube sites; see how many likes & followers they have, and how active they are with posting. At time of writing this post

NQTBA has nearly 14,000 likes on Facebook & 74 subscribers & 22,000 views on Utube we are very proud of this.

3. North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures are a Cairns local family owned company not just a one-man band.

4. How many will be on your tour and what is the staff to guests ratio. At North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures we have between 6 to 12 guests max with a staff of 4 to look after you.

5. With North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures you not only ride to Cape York but while there you get to experience the beautiful Torres Straits as well with a ferry ride across the straits to beautiful Thursday Island, we include a cultural tour of the Island then another ferry to Horn Island for more Island experience before flying back to Cairns.

6. Check out the route your tour company will travel, I know some will have you and bitumen from Cairns to Daintree village past Mossman before hitting the dirt trails, other cowboys will have you riding the main road to Cape York passing huge road trains pushing up unbelievable dust & rocks not the exciting side tracks & private property access NQTBA will promise to deliver.

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