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Guided Motorcycle Tours Australia

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures says what we do and has a true ring of adventure in Australia on 2 wheels and you get to fully enjoy the experience as all the hard work in planning your trail bike adventure of where you will go, what you will see, where to refuel, where to stay etc., are all taken care of by team “NQTBA” to make your holiday an unforgettable once in a lifetime adventure trip.

If you have already met us through our website or perhaps Facebook or Google+ pages, then you have probably noticed that we pay attention to details. And…that’s not just because we are being purely meticulous. We believe that everything related to a good, unforgettable motorcycle adventure tour has to be planned and organised to perfection, and that involves getting to the very finest details of our adventures.

Pros of choosing guided motorcycle tours Australia with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures.

  • enjoy the camaraderie of like minded people and the knowledge of professional and friendly guides
  • On our extended adventures, the convenience of having your luggage carried in the support vehicle
  • Peace of mind that you will get the most from your tour, and that any issues that may arise will be resolved quickly and efficiently by our guides
  • All your accommodation/camping is booked in advance on tours
  • Having a good trustworthy and reliable company covering your back at all times, keeping you safe and untroubled so you can focus on the trails and on the adventure.
  • Our ethos is based around small group touring of 8 punters so you can truly experience an authentic experience.

Whether you come alone, do one of our tours with a friend or partner, one thing for sure is that a great time will be experienced.

Start making your plans for 2014 Cape York Tours as we have limited spots and getting in early secures your adventure by emailing or calling us.


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