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Travel Insurance for Motorcycle Off-Road Holiday

Riding off-road motorcycles on holiday can be a thrilling way to explore…until something happens! Make sure you have adequate travel insurance covering you whilst riding a motorcycle off-road.

The tricky thing about motorcycle holidays is finding a good travel insurance policy that will cover you. Many insurers say a flat out ‘no way’ for covering you on a motorcycle, but there are policies out there for you. Have a good look online and you will be able to find a policy that suits you. Comprehensive cover that has unlimited medical and hospital expense, as well as emergency medical assistance would be the best option. There would be nothing worse than getting seriously injured, then have to fork out thousands of dollars for medical bills, not to mention trying to work out how you are going to get yourself home. You want to make sure that if you are riding a motorcycle you will be completely covered by your travel insurance no matter what happens, because after all, no rider no matter how experienced can ever know exactly what will happen off-road.

Contact your travel insurance provider or an insurance broker before you purchase travel insurance for your motorcycle off-road holiday to double check the policy details.

When riding motorcycles you are taking risks with both your health and your money. So do the research, compare the quotes and different policies.

Don’t just settle for the cheapest policy you find, and have peace of mind while you are on holiday.

We have had a few of our punters go through QBE for their insurance for your reference.

Created by nqtba under Tips on Tuesday 19th of November 2013