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Riding motorcycles offroad is good for your health

Riding motorcycles offroad

is good for your health and being out on the trails is not only fun, but contributes to individual well being and physical fitness.

Recent studies out of Canada show that offroad motorcycle riders are less likely to have physical limitations or health problems compared to the general population.

Dr. Jamie Burr, who holds a PhD in Kinesiology and health science conducted the fitness study by taking a group of new riders on regular trail rides for several weeks and measuring changes in their health and fitness at the York Human Performance Lab in Toronto, Canada.

In Burr’s study he says that regular riding is an effective way to reduce body fat, gain muscle, increase endurance, lower blood pressure and guard against diabetes and leaves riders feeling healthier and happier.

Riding motorcycles offroad requires upper and lower body strength to keep the bike upright, steer it, push it backwards and manoeuvring the motorcycle through challenging terrains which are plentiful in North Queensland.

Burr writes, “that the exertion levels while riding are similar to the effects of jogging and it is a lot like hitting the gym”. “Balancing on offroad motorcycles is like sitting on a stability ball”. “Controlling the handlebars – especially through the woops – is like doing bench presses and seated rows or upright rows. Standing up and down would be like squats or deep knee bends. Standing on the pegs is like doing toe raises”.

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