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Safety Trail Bike Riding Tips

  1. Always wear a helmet that complies with Australian Standard AS1698: A helmet is your most important piece of protective gear.
  2. Wear highly visible gear: Motorcycle riders need to maximise their visibility to other road and trail users.
  3. Wear good protective gear: Invest in the right jacket, pants, boots and gloves. Wearing the right protective clothing can significantly reduce injury in a crash, help out to be seen by others, protect you from the weather and improve your comfort when riding.
  4. Remember the two second rule: Keep a safe distance when following other vehicles – also make sure you keep a safe distance at your back and sides. This gives you ore visibility and more time to react to hazardous situations. It pays to double your following distance when riding in the rain.
  5. Ride only on designated tracks and so not create new tracks.
  6. Brake gently before corners and avoid skidding to protect track surfaces from erosion.
  7. Spares to carry:
    • At least one spark plug
    • Spare set of levers
    • Inner tube front and back
    • Tools, chain & links, chain breaker, electrical wire, tire wire, screwdrivers, cable ties, electrical tape, clutch & throttle cable, knife.
    • Pump
    • Tow rope
    • Whistle, matches
    • GPS

Created by nqtba under News / Events on Saturday 27th of April 2013