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Staying hydrated while motorcycle riding in Far North Queensland



In tropical Cairns, North Queensland, it is a lot more humid than what you probably are accustomed too and motorcycle riding is a high endurance sport as we all know, and mixing that with our Cairns weather can cause you to sweat more than normal which can lead to dehydration, so we are writing this post about staying hydrated.

As part of your motorcycle gear, we recommend that you bring along a hydration pack and always have it on you while motorcycle riding on our tours. The body looses potassium and sodium when it sweats. It is also recommended that riding in hot areas, riders should always hydrate with electrolytes solutions. Electrolyte solutions helps to replace these lost nutrients while keeping you properly hydrated. (Please also make sure if you use electrolyte solutions to bring them along with you on tour).


Being dehydrated slows your mental and physical reactions, and adds to the number of factors that could lead you to injury. We recommend a 2-3 litre hydration pack.

To stay properly hydrated, you should sip from your hydration pack every 15 to 20 minutes while out riding even if you don’t feel thirsty. Being thirsty is a sign that you have already begun to become dehydrated.

Happy Riding & Hydration!

Created by nqtba under News / Events on Friday 26th of April 2013