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Our Cape York Motorcycle Tour departs Cairns on a Sunday and you return to Cairns the following Friday evening. If the idea of motorcycling in remote areas, camping, observing unique wild life during the course of the tour, hiking, fishing, sightseeing, Australian history, swimming, meeting new friends and having a great time and riding the most incredible trails interests you, then you should look no further than North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures team to be a part of your lifetime thrilling adventure.

You will scale mountains like they are molehills, slice through streams and power through bushland. The backdrop is gorgeous, the pace is moderate and the exhilaration is unforgettable.

Our Cape York Motorcycle Adventure tours are over 1400 kilometres, departing Cairns, riding to the top and flying back to Cairns, and taking you from the reef to the rainforest, the outback and the very northern reaches of our great Australian country. You can expect amazing forever changing scenery and landscapes, fabulous swimming holes, remote beaches and some of the best trails you have ever been on, experiencing thrills, excitement and challenges. This tour is available from May through to October.

With our Cape York Motorcycle Adventure tours, riding in small numbers, 8 minimum 15 maximum, allows us to access more private property, pastoral leases and traditionally owned lands with minimum impact and helps us travel longer distances daily, minimise long road sections of the Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR) offering you exclusive private scenic routes across breathtaking landscapes and all types of terrains, where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty and wonder of this remote world famous area enjoying the experience of off-road trail biking on a network of trails to impress.

Our Point of Difference from other Tour Companies

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures, ride through private property exclusive only to NQTBA.

Cape York has a variety of different terrain and track conditions which has a lot of creek crossings to encounter along the way. We offer you our Cape York motorcycle trail bike adventures that will allow you to ride the best trails the region has to offer.

We have permits to access a bunch of different National Parks along the way, which allows us to stay and ride through some exquisite biodiverse country that will leave you wanting more.

In a normal wet season Cape York receives about 3 meters of rain making for lots of wash outs and erosion ruts on some of the trails.

Our all inclusive, fully guided Cape York motorcycle bike adventures has more access to private property, pastoral leases and traditionally owned lands than any other bike tour company. We are very proud of our relationships with so many land holders which gives us a great point of difference above all others.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures is a locally family owned and operated trail bike adventure tour company based on the beautiful Cairns tablelands. Our full fleet of Suzuki DRZ400E are purchased brand new at the beginning of each season and maintained in house to the highest standards along with our personal modifications to suit Cape York riding conditions.

We have custom built our Hino FD1124 support truck to carry all your personal items, food, supplies, fuel and spares to each camp spot enabling you to enjoy your north queensland trail bike adventure with only a small day pack. Others say they have a similar vehicle, but they don’t.

We run awesome enduro action fun tours and have found the perfect balance between challenging rides and having fun and experiencing the best trails in North Queensland, Cairns and Cape York.

“Life’s a great ride”

“Once discovered…never forgotten”

A Bit About Cape York

Cape York wilderness is a world class flora and fauna area for off-road adventures for motorcycles, 4WD vehicles, travellers and nature lovers in general. It has its own unique plants and animals that exist in this region only. It is steeped in history with the first maritime Dutch explorers landing in the 1600’s, the Aboriginal past and present occupation, its white explorers (Edmund Kennedy), gold mining and the settlers that opened up this remote tip of Australia. It is still remote in places, yet touristy enough for those who are willing to navigate the many heavily corrugated dirt roads, creeks, rivers, hills, valleys and remote sites. This region has it all – from the savannah grasslands and mountainous Great Divide, to the many remote beaches, crystal clear streams and rivers which make for great fishing.

All riders must have a current motorcycle licence or learners licence to take part on our tours. Call us to organise a tour that suits your needs.

All hire bikes are Suzuki DRZ400E current models with electric start. All bikes are modified with bush bash plates, Renthal handlebars, side cover plates, bark busters and the ride suspension is set up for the trail conditions we ride. Our bikes are also fitted with Acerbis long range fuel tanks, so no need to carry fuel in your backpack, a number one cardinal sin for bike riders.

Riding the full length of Old Telegraph Track

Trail Riding the Old Telegraph Track, Cape York, is by far one of the most iconic destinations that every trail riding enthusiast wants to ride. Some tour companies will short cut this track at Fruit Bat Falls to rush you up to the tip that same day. At North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures, you will enjoy riding the full length of the Old Telegraph Track and riding to the tip of Cape York and pristine beaches and side tracks the following day.

It certainly is on the bucket list of most motorcyclists and the temptation to ride some of the toughest tracks up North and trail bike riding the Old Telegraph Track is a definite must do and what a great adventure to choose with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures as we we keep our groups small to maximise your time and experience and minimise the impact on the local environment and keep you off the main developmental roads.

The Cape York Old Telegraph Track is an adventurous route full of challenges and beautiful scenery with many river crossings some easy, some hard.

The Old Overland Telegraph Line (OTL) starts after Bramwell Junction and continues up to the Jardine River National Park.

Travelling the OTL, the first creek crossing on your way up is Palm Creek with its steep entry. Then its on to Ducie Creek which is deceptively deep and murky and the bottom of the creek is firm and sandy. Moving along we come to South Alice and North Alice Creeks, and then the Dulhunty River which is one of Cape Yorks major waterways.

Next is Bertie Creek with a rocky creek bed and lots of deep pot holes and after this there is the option of the Gunshot bypass or continue on the OTL to Cholmondely Creek. The infamous Gunshot Creek is the next crossing of which it is very challenging then continuing on to Cockatoo Creek again challenging. Sailor Creek is the last creek before rejoining the Bamaga Road for only a short distance where there is a track to Heathlands Reserve which boasts the lovely fruit bat falls which offers a refreshing swim stop. Fruit Bat Falls, Elliot Falls and Twin Falls are all located along the Elliot Creek.

Continuing on the OTL from Elliot Falls through the rough Canal Creek, Sam Creek, Mistake Creek, the well named Cannibal Creek, Cypress Creek with the “log bridge”.

Nolans Brook, or Bridge Creek as it is sometimes called, is the last crossing and the deepest before the Jardine River, the biggest river on the Cape.



1 May - 6 May - 2 spots

15 May - 20 May - SOLD OUT

29 May - 3 Jun - SOLD OUT

12 Jun - 17 Jun - SOLD OUT

26 Jun - 1 Jul - SOLD OUT

10 Jul - 15 Jul - SOLD OUT

24 Jul - 29 Jul - SOLD OUT

7 Aug - 12 Aug - SOLD OUT

21 Aug - 26 Aug - 5 spots

4 Sep - 9 Sep - 2 spots

18 Sep - 23 Sep - SOLD OUT

2 Oct - 7 Oct - SOLD OUT

16 Oct - 21 Oct - 3 - Womens Tour spots

24 Oct - 29 Oct - 1 - South Bound spots


30 Apr - 5 May - 3 spots

14 May - 19 May - SOLD OUT

28 May - 2 Jun - SOLD OUT

11 Jun - 16 Jun - SOLD OUT

25 Jun - 30 Jun - SOLD OUT

9 Jul - 14 Jul - SOLD OUT

23 Jul - 28 Jul - SOLD OUT

6 Aug - 11 Aug - SOLD OUT

20 Aug - 25 Aug - SOLD OUT

3 Sep - 8 Sep - SOLD OUT

17 Sep - 22 Sep - SOLD OUT

1 Oct - 6 Oct - SOLD OUT

15 Oct - 20 Oct - 13 - Womens Tour spots

2024 $5,990

12 May - 17 May - 15 spots

26 May - 31 May - 15 spots

9 Jun - 14 Jun - 7 spots

23 Jun - 28 Jun - SOLD OUT

7 Jul - 12 Jul - SOLD OUT

21 Jul - 26 Jul - SOLD OUT

4 Aug - 9 Aug - 10 spots

18 Aug - 23 Aug - SOLD OUT

1 Sep - 6 Sep - 15 spots

15 Sep - 20 Sep - 15 spots

29 Sep - 4 Oct - 15 spots

13 Oct - 18 Oct - 15 spots


  • Hire of New season Suzuki DRZ400E dirt bikes
  • Fully experienced and knowledgeable guides, lead and sweep rider
  • Fully supported vehicle
  • All fuel
  • Meals on tour
  • Trail side snacks
  • Fishing if desired
  • Flights one way from Bamaga to Cairns
  • Permits, entry fees and ferry crossing fees
  • Memories of a lifetime


Itinerary of the ultimate off-road trail bike adventure holiday of a lifetime… over 1400 k’s of Trail Bike riding at its best!

Day 1 – Cairns to Lions Den Hotel

We pick you up from your accommodation in Cairns and head up the Kuranda Range to NQTBA Headquarters for meet and greet and safety briefing, gear up and jump on your bikes heading straight out onto dirt trails linking up with Black Mountain Road through lush rainforest trails heading North to the Daintree River Village for lunch then cross the Daintree River to enter the famous CREB Track and/or the Bloomfield track taking in the sights of the beautiful Bloomfield River waterfalls with countless creek crossings and mountainous tracks arriving at Lions Den. Hot showers and cold beers await you – life is good! No mobile phone service.

Day 2 – Lions Den  to Lakefield NP (Rinyirru)

Depart Homerule at 8ish and head to Cooktown passing the strange and wonderul rock/boulder mountain called “Black Mountain” and onto the Stare Track which is full of great challenges, sandy sections and many creek crossing to really put your skills to use. You will notice the scenery change to Savannah Grasslands as we come to Kalpowar Crossing where we camp again under the stars and you have a fish if you want and spot a Croc. Showers, toilets, no mobile phone coverage.

Day 3 – Lakefield NP to Archer River

Depart Kalpowar at 8ish by a track that will involve less frequented roads and tight sandy tracks with a few more creek crossings before meeting up with the support vehicle for refuel before you venture on more exciting trails and tracks taking you into Coen, then onto Archer River. Hot showers, toilets, no mobile phone coverage, a chance to recharge all your goPro’s, computers, cameras, mobile phones etc.,

Day 4 – Archer River to Moreton Telegraph Station

Depart Archer River heading on yet again more fabulous trails and tracks keeping you off the Peninsula Developmental Road arriving at Moreton Telegraph Station which is located on the lower Wenlock River where you can have a fish for Barra at Mike’s Barra hole if you feel up to it. Hot showers, toilets, no mobile phone coverage, pay phone box, laundry facilities.

Day 5 – Moreton Telegraph Station to Seisa, via the Full length of the old Telegraph track

Our most challenging day!

We depart Moreton to ride the full length of the Old Telegraph Track with many sandstone river crossings, crystal clear streams and sandy trails of fun and challenges.The Old Telegraph Track is by far one of the most iconic destinations that every trail riding enthusiast wants to ride. Some companies will short cut this track at Fruit Bat Falls to rush you up to the Tip that same day.At North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures. you will enjoy riding the full length of the Old Telegraph Track and riding to the Tip of Cape York and pristine beachs and side tracks the following day. We will stop in the beautiful Fruit Bat Falls for lunch, refuel and a well deserved swim in natures own specially designed swimming pool which is super picturesque and a very popular spot for all travelling to the tip of Australia. After leaving Fruit Bat Falls our guides take you to another stunning swimming hole, Elliot/Twin Falls then its time to head on the remainder of the Telegraph Track to the Jardine River Ferry then continue on towards Bamaga and Seisa stopping at some historic WW2 aircraft crash sites then to our oceanfront camp at Seisia, where you can enjoy the amazing sunsets and the aqua blue shades of the ocean and revel in all its beauty. Hot showers, toilets, mobile phone coverage, laundry facilities.

Day 6 – Cape York Exploring the tip and 5 Beaches Ride

Back on the bikes for your final days ride to venture through tropical rainforest that twists and turns till the very end of the tip then the last 200m is covered by foot over rocky escarpment to the most Norther Tip of mainland Australia. It’s time to cheer “we’ve made it!” and shake hands etc. After the tip we head out to Sommerset and do our awesome 5 beaches ride where the ocean and rocky headland scenery is spectacular and wild. Back to camp in the afternoon for final pack up and shower before catching the 4:40pm flight back to Cairns.





Packing List

Riding gear to pack for Cape York Tour

We recommend that you bring and wear appropriate motorcycle gear at all times.If you are needing to purchase any new gear, we have teamed up with MXstore as they are Australia’s largest online motorcycle gear and accessories store and we highly recommend them. They understand what is needed for a Cape York Motorcycle tour. Please peruse.

  • Motocross Pants (enduro pants are a great choice as they have additional reinforcements where they are needed, include pockets for storing essentials and are a slightly stronger more resistant material - Purchase Online
  • Motocross Jersey good quality - Purchase Online
  • Motocross Boots a good set of boots with a sturdy tread, enduro specific boots can be a great investment as they have additional reinforcements where you need them when riding in rougher terrain. - Purchase Online
  • A couple of pairs of thick socks 2 x pair of mx socks past knees - Purchase Online
  • Motorcycle Helmet again, it’s worth investing in a good quality helmet with a solid amount of impact support (MIPS or Fluid Inside are recommended). - Purchase Online
  • Elbow & Knee Guards knee braces - Purchase Online
  • Goggles (clear lenses) fog free recommended - you can pick up enduro goggles which has extra ventilation and assists in reducing fog - Purchase Online
  • Gloves - North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures have partnered with FIST gloves and will have them for sale before your tour commences at NQTBA head quarters.
  • Hydration pack - Ballards 2Litre hydration pack or another pack that will be big enough to fit lunch, phone, camera, sunscreen, wallet etc. - Purchase Online
  • Chamois pants for under your pants to reduce friction and also added protection and comfort, we don’t ride without them - Purchase Online
  • Rain jacket doesn’t hurt to grab a weather resistant jacket or vest for those cold or wet days - Purchase Online

For The Tour - 1 Sports Bag

Only 1 set of riding gear is required for this tour, as there are many river and creek crossings to swim in and laundry facilities available along the way. You are in riding gear all day so few other clothes are needed.

  • A couple of pairs of shorts and T-shirts
  • Underwear
  • One light sweat shirt and one pair of jeans or tracksuit pants for those cool nights
  • One pair of sneakers or thongs
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving stuff, moisturiser, hairbrush, tissues, lip balm, etc, etc.
  • Summer Sleeping Bag, Single flat bed sheet and pillow
  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Head Torch, Sunglasses, Soft Hat
  • Camera & SD cards batteries chargers
  • Money (cash) for mementos, coin laundry, alcohol and entertainment along the way
  • Sunscreen and personal insect repellant
  • Ear plugs
  • Personal first aid supplies-conforming bandages, band-aids, pain killers e.g., voltarin, panadol, nurofen etc. Epi Pen if required ***Due to legal reasons, we are unable to administer any pain killers whatsoever, so please make sure you bring your own to carry with you on trail


Tropical Heritage Cairns

Tropical Heritage Cairns

The Tropical Heritage is a boutique hotel offering the very best in personal service. Nestled in-between some of Cairns’ oldest heritage buildings at the edge of the CBD and just two streets back from the Cairns Esplanade. Talk to their friendly staff to book your accomodation and ensure you get a 20% discount after mentioning you’re coming on tour with us.

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