Ride Cairns to Cape York

Located on the Far North Queensland Coast, Cairns is the Tropical North, a tropical playground for awesome off-road motorcycle adventures and rides, excellent for exploring this wide and varied region with the beautiful Kuranda State Forest, spectacular Daintree Rainforest (the only place in the world that you can experience two natural wonders side by side – where World Heritage listed reef and rainforest actually meet), Cooktown, Cape York and the cool Tablelands and outback. Cairns truly is the gateway to ride to Cape York on motorcycle, and all the the awesome trails locally around Cairns to suit all types of travellers.

Feel the adrenaline rush with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures, which is 100% rider/owner operated, leading you on your trip of a lifetime in Australia’s incredible Far North Queensland, experiencing remote regions assuring you a real Australian trail bike riding bush experience.

This part of the world boasts breathtaking natural wonders, such as spectacular mountain ranges with awesome tracks and trails, crystal clear swimming holes and long stretches of white sandy beaches with trail bike riding adventures in the tropical rainforest and great Australian outback.

The Australian landscape offers a wide range of experiences however few are as unique as heading to Cape York on your own 2 wheels with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures.

Bursting at the seams with natural attractions, a journey to Australia’s Tropical North Queensland guarantees magnificent world heritage nature and a myriad of unique trail bike adventures.

Cairns – energised by nature

The city of Cairns is a modern and sophisticated and friendly hub of excitement with an easy going charm of a relaxed tropical destination, that acts as the perfect base for easy access to the World Heritage listed rainforest and outback.

Things to do in Cairns – Ride Cairns to Cape York

Cairns is well known as the Capital for Adventure in Australia and the number one destination for extreme activities and outdoor adventure and at North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures, we are here to take care of your special off-road motorcycle riding holiday adventures and share with you our beautiful part of the world. With numerous dirt bike tours, you are sure to find an adventure that suits your needs and time frame.

Atherton Tablelands – wild, unspoilt and adventurous

Queensland’s Tropical North Highlands are lush green mountainous plains nestled between the Bellender Ker Range and the Great Dividing Range offering fresh cool air, charming villages and the perfect environment for trail bike riding at its best.

Cape York – on many people’s “bucket list”

Fell the emotion when you stand at the very top of Australia’s mainland.

Cape York boasts an area of stunningly diverse bio systems, from World Heritage listed rainforests, remote beaches and escarpment country rich in Aboriginal Culture and has been the destination of many journeys from the earliest settlers, the European navigators and many land expeditions.

Cape York Peninsula with its stunning scenery and natural environment, fascinating history and enduring Aboriginal and Islander cultures, exploring the vast wilderness of Cape York is a life enhancing experience.

Cape York is one of Australia’s last great wilderness areas and is a dream destination for all trail bike riding enthusiasts, encapsulating the freedom and pioneering spirit of the great Australian outdoors.

The Peninsula Developmental Road (PDR) is the main artery from Lakeland Downs all the way up to Weipa. The Bamaga Road, (telegraph road) then continues onto Cape York. The road is graded at the end of the wet season but becomes more corrugated as the dry season progresses.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures are the only motorcycle tour company keeping you off the PDR and other developmental roads letting you experience genuine bush trails and tracks through private land.

North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures offer all inclusive fully guided trail bike tours enabling motorcycle enthusiasts to experience memorable adrenaline filled adventures.

Standing at the tip of Australia

After an exciting adventure ride from Cairns to Cape York Peninsula you will be feeling the excitement as you near the Northern most point of mainland Australia.

You’ve made it to the tip of Australia!

From peak point, you look out towards Possession Island.

Thursday Island

Thursday Island, just an hours ferry ride from Seisa. Setting this special place apart from any other is its unique cultural heritage and pivotal wartime role due to its strategic location.

The northern tropics have fairly stable temperatures throughout the year with typical daytime min/max temperature range in Cairns of 23 to 31 degree Celsius summer and 18 to 26 degree Celsius in winter, making it a trail bike riders haven. The majority of Cairns rainfall occurs during Summer January to March. The most popular time to visit Cairns is between June and October, with low rainfall, cool comfortable temperatures and awesome sunny days.

Get outdoors and explore the best of Cairns, Atherton Tablelands and Cape Yorks natural beauty on a trail bike adventure holiday with North Queensland Trail Bike Adventures.


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